Association Alley – FREE

Calling all State and Regional Lama Show Associations!!  The Spring Showcase wants to help promote you and your organizations as a thank you for the support you provide to the lama community.  We have set up Association Alley to allow you to promote all that your organization has to offer – Clinics, Membership Lists, Shows, Resources, etc.   State and Regional Association representatives need to contact Lisa Robinson prior to March 21st to ensure your space is secured.

Fleece to Fashion $10

The objective of the Fleece to Fashion class is to promote the beauty of lama fiber through the presentation of lamas shown on halter, and by exhibitors wearing at least one lama fiber garment produced by them. Fiber used in the garment does not have to be from the animal being shown in the class. Lama must be groomed in an attractive manner. Garment(s) worn must be made of at least 70% lama fiber.  An additional lama garment produced by the exhibitor (eg. matching scarf or blanket) can be worn by the lama for presentation. See picture on Spring Showcase website for example.

Judging Criteria: The class will be divided into (4) divisions: Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Adult. A brief description of the garment needs to be turned into the show clerk at check-in to be read during judging.

  1. Garment Construction and Originality
  2. Overall Appearance and Poise of Handler and Lama
  3. Interaction (Teamwork) of Handler and Lama while displaying the garment

Best Trio $10

Make sure to “Showcase” your best three llamas for all to see – any age, any sex and any fiber type. Competing entries will be paired by a drawing ahead of the class and will run until only one farm is left.  Cash Premiums will be paid.

Jackpot Obstacle $10

The name says it all.  You can hit the jackpot and walk away with half of the proceeds in this class.  Don’t miss this high energy, fast paced FUN class that will allow you to show off your lama’s performance skills and your strategic skills.  The best “performance lama” does not usually win this class.  It is not based on the normal judging system, but how many obstacles are completed with various point values during the time frame.  You get to choose which obstacles to complete and in any order you want.  You can complete each obstacle up to 3 times before having to move to something new.  It is all about what your animals can do and how quickly you get them to do it.  No need to worry about faults either.  Limit of 2 lama entries per exhibitor.

Leaping Lama (Goodwill Donation)

Come and enjoy some High Flying Lamas! You can watch or participate but either way, you don’t want to miss it! You do not need to enter Leaping Lama, but make sure you bring cash to enter and support the ILR Youth Scholarship!

Youth Skillathon $5

This class is to provide youth with the opportunity to blend knowledge and skills acquired in livestock judging, demonstrations, care, and exhibition of animals into one activity. Make sure to sharpen up on things such as performance scoring, fiber scoring, fleece types, halter/conformation faults, Identification of feed and tools, parasite control/medicine labels, general information, etc. All questions and evaluations will be age based.