Vendor spaces will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you to these 2023 Showcase Vendors!

Clipper Blade Sharpening

Blades Dull? Ship them or Bring Them to the Show.

Blades will be sharpened, aligned, adjusted,

cleaned and returned.

(765) 721-1419

jnsaucerman @

Like them on Facebook @jmsharpclippers

Llama Bean

Coffee Co.

Llama Bean Coffee Co., founded in 2020, direct trades coffee beans from farmers in Peru. They are shipped straight to Llama Bean Coffee Co. in Illinois where it is then roasted to perfection and packaged for you to enjoy.

Fehrenbach Farms

Don’t have a Cedar Fly Trap or Electronic Fly Zapper?  You don’t know what you are missing, but it could be flies.  The best fly is a dead fly and even better than that is NO fly.  This is your opportunity to make that a reality.  The Cedar Fly Trap, called the world’s most effective fly trap, is a low-cost trap, easy to use, durable and reusable in all seasons year after year.  The Electronic Fly Zapper is multi-functional, lightweight, portable that eliminates the flies instantly and made to last with a Full 5 year warranty (not including bulbs).  This is your opportunity to keep your barn Fly Free all year round.


Useful Lama Items, Inc.

Useful Lama Items, Inc. have been in business for over 25 years and offer the largest range of llama and alpaca products in the industry! Their site features over 1,000 items directly related to llamas & alpacas ranging from grooming and show supplies to clothing and jewelry. Did we mention that they are the Official Gathering T-shirt provider?


Simplicity Llama Farm

Looking for a special gift or just something for yourself? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have custom embroidery items such as totes, pillows, bags and more. You can also participate in making your own lead rope and choosing what colors you want used. Make sure to stop by and see Greg and Maylene or contact them after the show at 

Moonchild Creations

Moonchild Creations is offering a variety of  items to our exhibitors…Unique leather, wood & acrylic earrings that are completely customizable, upcycled purses & holiday gifts… did we mention that some of her earrings include llamas? Stop by and see the love she puts into each of her hand-made items. You can find more information by liking the Facebook Page at Moonchild Creations.

The Better Barrel Business

The Better Barrel Business is an upcycle business formed around the need for better food grade options for a ton of common farming, homesteading, storage, and shipping needs.  We have used our Better Barrels for Grain Storage, Mineral Storage and Fiber Storage eliminating any moisture or rodent intrusion.  Additional uses include Waterers, Rain Barrels, Dry Bin, Hydroponics/Aquaponics, Shipping Containers, Filtration Systems, Pond Pumps, Mixers, Sap/Syrup Collection, Raised Garden Beds, Compost Bins, Bee Hives and Long-term Prepping/Storage.  

All barrels are Food Grade which means they have met all FDA Requirements! Low cost shipping options are available.

Check out their website at

Tabethia Haubold – Shearing Services

Long Island Yarn & Farm

If you haven’t had Tabbethia shear your lamas before, you should.  She is currently taking appointments for the weekend so reach out today to get on her schedule.  She WILL fill up.  This is a perfect opportunity for those that has been unable to groom due to weather.  Let her start the grooming process for you with your preferred show cut.  Speaking from experience, your llamas will thank you for it!

Cell: (631) 680- 6721 (preferred)

(631) 924-8110